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A Disitributed Workforce

June 2nd, 2006 Posted in Team Management | Comments »

“Few businesses are as spread out as MySQL, which employs 320 workers in 25 countries, 70 percent of whom work from home,” says Fortune’s Josh Hyatt in MySQL: Workers in 25 Countries with no HQ. A discussion of this can be found on Slashdot.

Coordinating Development with a Growing Team

May 31st, 2006 Posted in Software Engineering, Team Management | Comments »

The development team of a small company that I have recently joined is continually growing, and coordinating development efforts within this team requires more than controlling file permissions. Using file permissions as a primitive means of source code control worked when the team was small, but simply using file permissions and a de facto standard […]

Managing Grunts and Minimizing Burnout

May 13th, 2006 Posted in Team Management | Comments »

Adam Knight exemplifies the burnt out tech worker and voices his frustration in AppleCared: My Life Inside Apple and AppleCare. Knight was employed as a customer care representative at Apple for four years before he decided to start a business venture with his friends. His daily responsibilities at AppleCare were mundane, and his position seemed […]

Evaluating Flat Rate and Clock Time

April 28th, 2006 Posted in Team Management | 5 Comments »

I love determining the source of technical problems and administering solutions, and my ability to do it in computing was fostered by my experience as an automotive technician. I was introduced to the concepts of flat rate and clock time during automotive shop in high school. People who earn a wage are very accustomed to […]

You’re Not Walking Fast Enough

April 20th, 2006 Posted in Team Management | Comments »

Six Signs That You Should Run — Not Walk — From Your New Job is an article I easily remember reading once over the last couple of years. Kate Lorenz provides observations that a new employee can use to perform a quick evaluation of a company. These observations can also be useful to seasoned employees. […]