Microsoft vs. Google

I’ve been following the conflict between Google and Microsoft over the employment of Kai-Fu Lee . It seems that Microsoft is having a difficult time retaining their employees. Microsoft would rather litigate and mar their company image, and at the same time, enhance Google’s image as an employer that is willing to take risks when employing the people it wants. Perhaps, instead of reacting to Kai-Fu Lee’s departure, Microsoft should be more proactive and exert more effort in preventing the loss of other vital company members. They are also not doing much to attract fresh, innovative developers. While Microsoft appears to be relying on brand recognition to attract candidates at traditional career fairs, Google uses a fresh, kooky recruitment campaign including billboards that feature math puzzles and active sponsorship of an online coding competition forum. At one point in my life, I considered seeking employment with Google as a result of activities that were similar to these. Perhaps, it is time for a new giant to reign over the technology industry.

As an aside, I do hope that a new, distributed, reliable, secure operating system is in the works.

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  1. Steve Says:

    […] According to this article,1895,1904789,00.asp, Microsoft and Google have reached a confidential settlement on the matter of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. It is great to see that both sides of the dispute resolve this before involving court. I have been following the story of Kai-Fu Lee here and here, perhaps too closely. […]

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