Computer Job Insourcing

ABC News brings the notion of what I call job insourcing to the mainstream with this article. There are many displaced computer workers who would be willing to accept a lower nominal salary if that salary can afford them a good life, even if it meant relocating them to a place with a low cost of living. I would rather hear an American working Dell’s customer service lines than hearing about the US national unemployment rate being greater than five percent. I hate knowing that unemployment is greater than ten percent in some communities. Foreign companies, like certain Japanese car companies, have built facilities to manufacture goods in America that are intended to be marketed within America. It is only fair that a company that intends to sell a product also provide a means for their targeted consumers to purchase that product. Many US-based companies should have considered the insourcing alternative before leaping into the cheap labor markets. They should consider helping the economy of the country that provided an environment where their businesses were allowed to flourish.

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