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There has been a lot of negative sentiment on technical support and customer care representatives lately. I’ve voiced some frustration with Sprint’s front-line technical support staff before. Poor customer service over the phone has also been publicized with Vincent Ferrari’s AOL episode as well as a recent video taping of a Comcast technician sleeping on a customer’s couch while waiting for assistance from his peers. Because people are likely driven by self-interest, there really is no reason for customers to give feedback for anything other than complaints.

This entry bucks the trend. I was recently frustrated with my DSL connection. I have had this connection for almost three years, and I have never before had a problem. My connection started dropping multiple times throughout each day. I reached for technical support at AT&T (formerly SBC). The phone support was mediocre, but the people that provided service at my house were exceptional technicians. Both of these technicians did their job above my expectations and perhaps outside of their protocol.

Now, my connection is stable, and I am a content customer once again. Their equipment may or may not have been faulty, but my home’s phone wiring is a more likely cause of the service disruptions. There were two ways to resolve the problem: go with cable or fix my inside wiring. Since the necessary wires were readily available, ahem, my inside wiring was fixed quickly.

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  1. john Says:

    I have been working with AT&T for almost 2 years.I would like to share am experience with u..i got a call from 2 wire honetworking agent..She say customer as KHOSTOMER..and best part is they wont create a interaction and case even ifask them ten times especially agents from COVERGYS me…we have proved ourself with very satisfied ratings with a score much better than philipinos…atleast we never say KHOSTOMER..

    NOW with due respect to comments from ATT_onshore Says:

    July 22nd, 2009 at 7:35 pm


    atleast when a indian asked the customer i accept the sentence structure was inappropriate but atleast it sounded like uverse though u say it sounded like uworse..but when a philipino from 2 wire dept says uvrse i have heard customedr yelling YES I AM FROM UNITED STATES..WHERE THE HELL ARE U LOCATED…lol:)

  2. Maltzman Says:

    We live up in Lancaster, California, a desert town with lots of wind. All of a sudden late Saturday night our telephone line service stopped working. All we could hear were a hum in the background and tones only when pushing the phone buttons. No dial tone. Called ATT with the cell phone and they said they would send somebody out and check the line but since apparently they don’t work on Sundays, it would be some time on Monday, the 17th. We left the apartment Monday afternoon to do errands and did not get back until after 8 PM. Now the phones were totally dead. No hum. No dial tone. Nothing at all. No evidence that anybody had come or checked anything. How do we get AT&T to send out a technician and restore proper service?? Their telephone service seldom goes down, but when it does, they really take their time sending out somebody to try to fix it.

  3. harry Says:

    HI…i am one of the many indians who are working as technical support for atnt HSI dsl service.

    few things one should know…. before critcizing our accents.

    1> atnt does not want to send technicians at customers premises…it costs them a lot. we are given strict instructions to do all sort of trouble shooting over the phone…and send technician only in extreme cases.

    2> and its not only you, who are experiencing communication issues. the VOIP phone that the company is using, seldom works properly…its like one way communication. and of course it becomes terrible with accents.

    3> people seldom remember their OFFLINE security question…if u r using HSI dsl service may i ask u whats yr OFFLINE security question? u must realize that its the most important thing thats going to help you out when u r in trouble.

    4>and one thing thats really amusing 4 me is tht; why the hell its so difficult for americans to understand tht their modem/ routers require user id and pwd. i mean its not that difficult to update a it?

    5> and of course one should better know where the start menu and address bar are located on a computer. thats the most difficult part…to make ppl understand tht they need to type address in the address bar…and nt in some shitty search bar.

    6> if tech support is transferring you to some other deptt….then please dont argue. it must be something out of their scope…thats why they transfer you.

    an average american
    1. cant find address bar in IE in less than 2 minutes.
    2. doesnt feel the need to hit enter after the command has been typed….u have to tell them.
    3. doesnt know what operating system he/ she is using.
    4. doesnt know that his/ her computer is connected to a 3rd party router.

    i agree…even average indians may nt know all this stuff. but atleast dont blame our accents for all this.

  4. ROGELIO Says:


  5. ROGELIO Says:


  6. steve Says:

    i would like to say something…..

  7. steve Says:

    i am a att tech support agent from india…
    i’ve taken so many calls….none of the customers had problems undestanding me …infact i’ve been praised by many customers…..i’ve even got good surveys……just trying to tell that not all the agents from india are bad….there are many good agents…and yeah most of us do have good computer knowledge………

  8. mario Says:

    who can I email or call to give a great job to the tech that came out nobody ever called back to ask and this guy did a great job

  9. Steph Says:

    I’m not an indian…i’m working for at&t technical support…and i have a neutral accent..i love having my customers guess what state i’m from.but i’m offshore, so….indians have accents, and i agree don’t blame them because our american customers often have accents too and most of the time it’s really difficult to understand them though we try our best…and now i’m exhausted..

  10. Shawn Spicer Says:

    I would like to commend ‘Irish’ from tech support in Manilla. Also ‘Jen’, supervisor of ‘Irish’ also in Manilla. Approx. one week ago I received a new modem from ATT and had connection issues with the modem that was not ATT’s fault. I had recently done a complete system restore on my PC w/ the help of my PC”s manufacturer. And, they had neglected to advise me to reinstall my drivers, which were preventing the new modem from accessing ATT. Between this outstanding tech, supervisor and approx. 1 and 1/2 hrs. of their time, got me up and going when other tech’s had given up on me. They were extremely knowledgeable and even made calls to my PC manufacturer to try and find possible solutions to the problem(s).Throughout all this, there was no frustration on their part whatsoever. Only a determination to correct the issue, which they did! I am still having slow connection with a jitter of 0.05 mbps, download speed of 0.14 mbps, upload speed of 0.42, ping of 0.65, 95% percent packet loss, and an FAIL RATE on line quality. When I have addressed this issue kto other techs in the past, they had given up on it. I would like to know if it is possible for me to request that Irish and Jenn help me with this issue, as I have faith that they will correct the problem(s)? I have already made a trouble report this evening, Nov. 26, 2010. I almost insist that Irish be the one to contact me to deal with this! As she and Jenn are the ONLY two that I have ever been remotely satisfied with! They are THE BEST that you have working for ATT! And, are in need of promotion, monetarily, or in ranking! All the people at ATT should be so gracious!

  11. Shawn Spicer Says:

    Please contact me regarding my request!

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  13. jack moore Says:

    I had mark 8064904 come & repair a wire so I could get back on line he did a great job I would have him come anytime ,, great job mark,, thanks.

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