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Getting an A+ on SSL Labs Report

October 31st, 2019 Posted in IT Administration | Comments » received an A+ overall rating from Qualys SSL Labs.

Upgraded to GoDaddy VPS – CentOS 7

September 1st, 2019 Posted in IT Administration | 2 Comments »

I lost access to my GoDaddy VPS CentOS 6 server after fat-fingering an openssl update and clobbering sshd in the process. GoDaddy technical support was unable to reinstall openssl then restart the server. They might not have physical access or a means of simulating physical access to my VPS instance. (With physical access to a […]

How to Install GCC 7 on CentOS 7

February 14th, 2018 Posted in C++, IT Administration | 2 Comments »

Interested in keeping up with the latest C++ standard, I noticed that CentOS 7.4.1708 uses gcc version 4.8.5 20150623. This version of gcc defaults to ISO/IEC 14882:1998. Updated C++ standards have been released in 2003, 2011, 2014, and 2017. Although gcc developers are still implementing the 2017 standard, it is good to use a recent […]

Transitioned to New Server

January 17th, 2010 Posted in IT Administration | Comments »

I have just completed transitioning to a new server, which serves this blog. I am now using’s Virtual Dedicated Server product. I have been administering my own dedicated server,’s Dedicated Server product, for more than two years. I changed from a Dedicated Server to a Virtual Dedicated Server to reduce costs and better […]


December 19th, 2008 Posted in IT Administration | Comments »

A recent news article reports that a communications cable has been cut, affecting Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This has happened before, but it did not seem likely to me that it would be something that would reoccur. The article on BBC quotes Interoute’s Jonathan Wright, “For this to happen twice in one year, […]