Upgraded to Amazon Lightsail – CentOS 7

I had been with GoDaddy for almost two decades. GoDaddy offered a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for $10 per month over two years. Now that my contract is up, they are offering a renewal at $20 per month.

While my GoDaddy VPS failed to reboot after a typical update using yum, I set up an account on Amazon AWS and created an Amazon Lightsail instance. I was able to fully restore my server deployment before GoDaddy was able to resolve my issue. For as little as $10 per month, the Lightsail instance offers double the memory, double the hard drive space, 3TB of outgoing data per month, an external firewall, flexible snapshots, and IPv6 support.

I might have stayed with GoDaddy to avoid setting up another server. But being unable to compile PHP and the lack of IPv6 support on my VPS with them, I had one foot out the door.

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  1. Steve Says:

    The following packages were offered when I signed up for AWS Lightsail. They will likely change in the future.

    AWS Plans

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