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A Sampling of the x86 Bootstrap Process

August 20th, 2008 Posted in - blah - | Comments »

Looking forward to a three day weekend, I thought about what I could do to pretty much relax from work. I have always been curious about the bootstrap process on a PC, but I never had the time or skill to understand the assembly language and process involved in writing one. After having exposure to […]

AMZN: Amazing Delay Times!

October 30th, 2007 Posted in - blah - | Comments »

The order was submitted on September 10, 2007. It was previously delayed until sometime between October and November. Now, the delivery date is estimated at January 9 to January 11 of the following year! Amazon is amazing. I’m afraid that if we stick around again, they’ll just move the delivery date another quarter. I simply […]

Blog Tag Game

December 18th, 2006 Posted in - blah - | 3 Comments »

Okay, David got me into this. The idea is to share five things about yourself that people may not know, then tag five bloggers so they can rinse, lather and repeat. I was tagged by David Gagne, who was tagged by Speaking Freely, who was tagged by MarketingGuy, who was tagged by Aaron Shear. The […]

UCI’s School of ICS Makes Slashdot

July 29th, 2006 Posted in - blah - | Comments »

UCI’s School of Informaiton & Computer Science made Slashdot today for their research in topic modeling. Organizing a large number of texts in such a way that mining the collection for useful information can be done effeciently is a challenging task. Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and Indexing Documents and Images has been on my Amazon Wish […]

Rush Week

July 20th, 2006 Posted in - blah - | Comments »

Time has been scarce these past few weeks, and this week in particular has been the busiest. Recovery time from work has been compressed to approximately three hours a day. Each work day this week has started at approximately 6:30am. At that time, a 1.5-hour commute to Irvine begins. Then, approximately seven to nine hours […]