Blog Tag Game

Okay, David got me into this. The idea is to share five things about yourself that people may not know, then tag five bloggers so they can rinse, lather and repeat.

I was tagged by David Gagne, who was tagged by Speaking Freely, who was tagged by MarketingGuy, who was tagged by Aaron Shear. The game was started by Jeff Pulver.

I’m going to pass it on to Shanti, Truman, Kymbrla, the Force, and ZorbaTHut.

So here are five things you may not know about me-

1. I am interested in learning the languages of the Axis Powers. I gained some exposure to the languages of the Pacific theatre.

2. I have never read a fiction that was not assigned, and I sometimes didn’t read the fictions that were. I was really rooting for the Great Gatsby to get with Daisy and live happily ever after, though.

3. I am a hopeless romantic, I guess.

4. I looked down on web developers, and I even scoffed at the idea of being a “web programmer” along with some representatives from Boeing at a school career fair. Two years later, web applications development became my primary occupation.

5. I can’t swim, but I enjoy deep-sea fishing.

Tag! Yer it!

3 Responses to “Blog Tag Game”

  1. Steve Says:


    This page,, shows the tree of people in the game, but my outbound links do not seem to be reflected in it just yet. :(

  2. kymbrla Says:

    Hey Doria! How do I know if I was tagged?

  3. Shanti Says:

    Hey Steve – thanks for the tag!

    I’ll have to pass it along in a bit.

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