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SprintPCS Technical Support

June 13th, 2006
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After setting up and testing network monitoring software for one of our co-lo sites, it became apparent that was rejecting connections from the monitoring server. I used typical methods, which include using telnet to connect to the SMTP port while analyzing the connection with a packet sniffer, to determine that the problem was with […]

Starbucks: An Office Always Near Me

May 17th, 2006
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Here I am at my third Starbucks location for the last 24 hours. I worked at the Starbucks location in Woodland Hills throughout yesterday. I started today at the Starbucks in Atwater Village, and I ended the day at a Starbucks in Canoga Park. Aside from Chipotle Mexican Grill, Starbucks Coffee Company must be one […]

Where the Boys Are

April 11th, 2006
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In What’s Happening to Boys, Leonard Sax reinforces the idea that mainstream media reflects social reality. He uses “Failure to Launch” to introduce a discussion on an increasing trend for males, who are aged in their twenties and early thirties, to continue living with their parents. Sax writes, “According to the Census Bureau, fully one-third […]

Intel is “Pot Committed” on Itanium

March 9th, 2006
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Chris Kraeuter’s Otellini, Hurd, Ellison Sing Itanium’s Praises and Owen Thomas’ Intel Throws Good Money After a Bad Chip discusses the recent push among major industry players to support Intel’s Itanium line of processors. Billions of dollars have been committed to support the Itanium chip, and Intel and its partners plan on dedicating another 10 […]

Forced to Eat Their Own Dog Food

January 27th, 2006
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It seems that Ford employees at the Dearborn plant are forced to eat their own dog food. According to, Ford’s management has decided to ban competitors’ vehicles from their lots. Unfortunately unlike Google employees, a majority of the production workers at Ford have little influence on the conceptual development of their products. People who […]