Starbucks: An Office Always Near Me

Starbucks LogoHere I am at my third Starbucks location for the last 24 hours. I worked at the Starbucks location in Woodland Hills throughout yesterday. I started today at the Starbucks in Atwater Village, and I ended the day at a Starbucks in Canoga Park. Aside from Chipotle Mexican Grill, Starbucks Coffee Company must be one of the best investment choices to make today. A steady stream of customers can be observed at each of these locations, and a Starbucks location with a T-Mobile hotspot can be found almost anywhere.

I have recently been working at several cities. My service radius appears to encompass Corona and Calabasas Hills. The drive to Corona, which is approximately 55 miles away from my principle location, is quite enjoyable, even though the time to travel (1 hour) is comparable to my rush hour morning commute to cities such as Marina del Rey (24 miles in 1.25 hours) and Calabasas Hills (34 miles in 1.5 hours). Long commutes are simply a part of my life’s story. I’ve been commuting since high school (15 miles) and through my first year of college (56 miles). I love driving, especially when driving conditions are favorable.

I drive to distant locations, and I require quick access to the Internet in order to fulfill my responsibilities. T-Mobile and Starbucks provide the infrastructure for easy Internet access wherever I go. As long as I am at a city with a sizable population, I’m sure to find a Starbucks location, and I am almost always available when the shit hits the fan.

The worst-case cost for an average 30 day month is: 160USD (40USD for the connection on a monthly basis + 30 days * 4USD for a Venti Mocha Frappuccino®). The cost for easy access to the Internet can possibly be reduced to 80USD per month with Sprint’s Mobile Broadband Solutions, but I am willing to pay a premium price to work at a place where people hang out instead of a place where I am alone. 160USD per month is certainly worth access to the networks that I manage, and the connection has been very valuable when compared to the currently unreliable service at home.

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  1. starbucks user Says:

    Uhm………. these places are fuckin croweded…………. the one off flair drive in rosemead is now fuckin packed

  2. Atwater Village Newbie Says:

    Atwater Chatter

    In and around the Village today: Never mind that Atwater Village is north of downtown. Downtown LA’s not exactly in the middle, is it. Must be why this map puts AV firmly on the east side. Call it a grande office-ccino: Slaving away in Starbucks from Atw…

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