Intel is “Pot Committed” on Itanium

Chris Kraeuter’s Otellini, Hurd, Ellison Sing Itanium’s Praises and Owen Thomas’ Intel Throws Good Money After a Bad Chip discusses the recent push among major industry players to support Intel’s Itanium line of processors. Billions of dollars have been committed to support the Itanium chip, and Intel and its partners plan on dedicating another 10 billion to the effort. It seems that Intel is facing adversity on multiple fronts. It has lost market share to AMD processors in commodity desktop computers, and industry analysts are cynical about Intel’s drive to provide high-end processors. Dedicating an additional 10 billion dollars to “mission critical computing,” which reportedly generates 28 billion dollars annually, helps Intel maintain its much needed partnerships and may also allow it to gain a foothold into an emerging market.

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