Making Connections, Connecting Dots


July 16, 2005 – Hua and I set up the company’s very first server at Broadspire LA

The introduction of another full cabinet at a new colocation site in Downtown Los Angeles is evidence of the company’s progress and sustainability. I have heard from forgotten sources that eight out of nine companies fail within their first year, and only one in nine of the companies that make it through the first year become successful. The company has enjoyed stable and controlled growth since its inception, and the company’s investment in additional resources for future products evidences our anticipation of future growth.

During the past months, the company grew its customer base to include several companies that are publicly traded and held in equities markets. Our business development team is especially exceptional at discovering client needs and suggesting company products that can meet them. The technical team has made many accomplishments to cultivate the company’s success, and the entire team’s dedication to serving clients has instilled a great deal of client loyalty.

Success in business and the development of a company is significantly determined by the ability to gather, manage, and retain a pool of resources. Our success is also based on reciprocation from our clients. We care deeply about our clients’ online businesses, and they, in turn reward us. I look forward to continuing and expanding our success through the delivery of success for our clients, and I am driven to help perfect our processes to prepare us for the next level.

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  1. Steve Says:

    dvg: Hua and I along with others started a company, which as of yet has no name. We don’t have business cards, nor do we have an office. The company has done pretty well on referrals. It is a sort of boutique IT solutions provider for small to medium-sized businesses. Basically, we are agents of a theoretical company called CTO911.

    We drop in, hit the ground running, and get out (or stay, if desired). That’s what we do. :)

    It’s kind of like improv comedy, but we deal with technical situations instead of make people laugh.

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