Manipulating Raspberry Pi GPIO Ports with C#

Quarantine and working from home because of COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for me to take up Japanese again. I studied Japanese for years in high school and college, but I was unable to consume media intended for a Japanese audience. I hope that I can practice reading Kanji with posts like these.

This is the first post in which I try to translate snippets of technology articles written in Japanese. I hope that I can provide translations for longer snippets as my Japanese language skills improve. The following snippet is from Let’s Manipulate the Raspberry Pi GPIO Ports Using C# by Ken Takae:

C#とえば、Windows環境かんきょうだけとおもわれがちですが、.Net CoreをLinux環境にインストールすれば、C#で開発かいはつしたアプリケーションが動作どうさします。また、Raspberry Pi(ラズベリーパイ)でも、C#を使つかってIoT開発をおこなうことができます。

My translation:

Although when speaking of C# one tends to think about only the Windows environment, if .Net Core is installed in the Linux environment, applications developed in C# operate [in the Linux environment]. Moreover, even with a Raspberry Pi, it is possible to use C# and carry out IoT development.

~がち: a suffix to express an undesirable tendency in someone or something. Formed by Verb-masuがちだ or Nounがちだ.

Source: C#でラズパイのGPIOを操作しよう~LEDを点灯させる
Reference: Makino, Seiichi and Michio Tsutsui. A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar. The Japan Times, 2001, pp. 47-50.
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