Uberman’s Sleep Schedule

The people on EFNet #C++ told me about the Uberman’s Sleep Schedule, and they encouraged me try it out and report on its effectiveness. It seems that it would take a super man to live on only three hours of sleep per day as is prescribed by this schedule. The article claims that the Uberman’s sleep schedule is effective, because it coaxes the body to fall quickly into the most beneficial phase of sleep. Methodical sleep deprivation is used to train the body to do this, but after the body has been trained, the article cites several advantages. These advantages include more free time and an increased sense of being healthy.

Perhaps, after most of my time-sensitive projects are completed, I can experiment with the Uberman’s sleep schedule. Maximizing the utility of every minute asleep to increase the amount of time awake per day is one way to boost productivity. I surely would love the benefit of having more time, and if bursts of energy throughout the day can be experienced with this schedule, I’m fairly certain that an increased level of productivity in my development efforts will be consistent.

After some thought, the Uberman’s sleep schedule seems like nothing more than a form of insomnia, but feeling sluggish after five or six continuous hours of sleep is less appealing than feeling energetic after very short naps. The Uberman’s sleep schedule can potentially serve as an excellent subject for a high school science project under medical supervision, of course.

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