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Before setting resolutions for 2007, I should reflect on my 2006 resolutions of organizing, rethinking, focusing, and succeeding. Workspace organization has improved incrementally throughout the year, and it continues to be a work in progress. I have placed much effort in minimizing my drive for perfection and made myself more comfortable in dealing with systems that are less than ideal. I also started minimizing schedule risk while continually developing solutions by having functional implementations available when schedule milestones are reached. Throughout the year, I’ve been fairly focused on achieving my primary objectives. I have not given much time to other computing interests such as computer graphics programming and open source development. Success that was achieved in 2006 is based on an avoidance of total failure.

Now, for 2007, I will begin allowing myself to fully depend on others. I did not have the ability to depend on others, because of project time or quality constraints. Lack of team involvement will be minimized or eliminated in future projects through sufficient project documentation, subsystem modularization, and module-based implementation assignments. More people will be involved in the research and development of software modules. Localizing knowledge of a system to an individual with an inability to transfer that knowledge to others is a mistake that must be countered this year, and project documentation that is more meaningful will help significantly.

I need to displace some project accountability from myself. Although there may be an increase in schedule and quality risks for future projects, the determination of the team’s successes and failures will be more distributed within the team and less concentrated on me. The team should not fail, because I fail. It should fail, because the entire team failed. This is not to say that I am looking to shirk responsibility. I am merely opening myself to sharing more of the responsibility with others. I will depend on the team to deliver what is requested as the team depends on me to provide them with what is needed.

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