Creating a VNC Connection to Existing X Session

Either it has been a really slow news week, or I’ve gotten faster at processing news from multiple news aggregators. I’ve been getting to the office early in the morning, and the content of /. and other popular news sites just did not give me my fill of reading for the morning. I began wondering what was going on at Efnet #C++. I had an IRC connection within a continually open X session at home, and I didn’t want to fire up another IRC client, so trying to get VNC to work with an X session was something that was worth attempting.

I did the following for a machine running CentOS 4.4 LiveCD to get it going:

1. Download the x11vnc RPM. I downloaded
2. # rpm -ivh x11vnc-0.9.3-1.el4.rf.i386.rpm
3. $ x11vnc -storepasswd
4. $ x11vnc -usepw
Reference: x11vnc HOWTO
Questions, comments, and responses are welcomed and appreciated.

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