Transitioned to New Server

I have just completed transitioning to a new server, which serves this blog. I am now using’s Virtual Dedicated Server product. I have been administering my own dedicated server,’s Dedicated Server product, for more than two years. I changed from a Dedicated Server to a Virtual Dedicated Server to reduce costs and better fit my utilization.

Though, I am not sure when the last time I rebooted my old dedicated server, the result of running ‘uptime’ on my old server is:

XX:XX:XX up 790 days, 15:23, X users, load average: X.XX, X.XX, X.XX

As I publish this post, the ‘uptime’ on my new server is:

XX:XX:XX up 2 days, 19:52, X users, load average: X.XX, X.XX, X.XX

Questions, comments, and responses are welcomed and appreciated.

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