Personal Password Policies

Need secure passwords that are not completely unintelligible? Devise a personal password policy:

  1. Select three or four words from a dictionary. Consider using adverbial forms, past and present tense of verbs. Consider using singular and plural forms of nouns. Avoid idioms.
  2. Pick a number. Consider inserting leading 0s.
  3. Pick a symbol: !@#$%^&*()-_=+
  4. Assemble the above elements with arbitrary rules, for example:
    1. Capitalize 1st letter of each word and leave others lowercase.
    2. Insert symbol somewhere between words, or before the first or after the last word.
    3. Do the same with the number.

Passwords from the password generator featured on this page are magnitudes stronger than those similar to ‘3l337p@s5w0rD,’ and they are easier to type!

Password Generator

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  1. Steve Says:

    Aggregated by Slashdot, ZDNet reports FBI Recommends Passphrases Over Password Complexity

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